Sunday, June 26, 2022

Lucky Lotto Sweater

Last year, my life took a huge u-turn which has brought about many changes.

Lovely SunnyJim felt I could do with a pick-me-up and bought me a Lotto ticket, which went on to win $70. (BTW, this is the first and last ticket for me. I personally frown on gambling, and figure this is the only winnings I will ever have, so get out while I'm ahead.)

Countrywide Mandala variegated wool sweater

I wanted to use this money for something meaningful. Countrywide Mandala variegated wool had caught my eye while buying thread in Sewing Direct sometime earlier, and the winnings covered the cost of yarn for a new sweater. The pattern is the same one I always use, with a few personal adjustments.

The fit is perfect, it's so soft and warm, I wear it often.

Love it, love it love it.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

P3 – Pants Pattern Perfection

P3 pants - Pants Pattern Perfection self-drafted pattern
P3 pants – self drafted pattern

Way back in 2017, I was on a mission to create the perfect fitting pants. While I admit I still haven’t cracked it, with this latest pattern draft I’m about as close to it as I think I can get. So I’m stamping it FINAL.

The pattern pieces look so misshapen compared to a regular pattern (eg, baby-got-back, who knew?), but the resulting fit speaks for itself. Most of drag lines are gone, and they are snug without being tight. The test is sitting - yes, I can, comfortably. I should add I’ve also converted the pattern from stretch fabrics to plain weave fabrics, as these are my preference.

For this final version, I’ve gone with a convention trouser style by moving the zip to the centre front with a fly, added side pockets, and created a shaped waistband with belt loops.

Made in another lite-weight wool fabric score from the Sallies for $3, it’s midnight blue with a self-stripe. Once again, they are lined to the knee.

Very, very happy with the results, and glad I persevered, even if its taken 5 years to get here!

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

New job, new shirt

Vintage Butterick 9899 herringbone white shirt

New job jitters had me rummaging through the stash for something fresh to wear on my first day with Big Govt, which also meant an ID photo would be taken - ughh!

Gifted to me, I’ve been saving this lovely piece of cotton shirting for the right occasion, and now was it. It’s slightly off-white (so wouldn’t flare in the photo) with a subtle herringbone stripe weave.

For the pattern, I chose Butterick 9899 with the same adjustments I made here (lengthen the sleeve, adding a cuff, etc), but this time squared off the hem with a side seam vent at the hem. The mother-of-pearl shell buttons are also from the stash.

Nice understated shirt, for $0, plus the photo turned out pretty good, so pluses all around.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Lockdown berets

Knitted lockdown berets

Crafting during the recent lockdown. Using up left over bits and pieces.

Free beret pattern on ravelry.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Lemon Squeezy - red linen blouse

The other piece of fabric which sprung to mind when thinking of new blouses was the remnant from this shirt.

Lemon Squeezy - red linen blouse, self-made pattern
Using the same self-made pattern as this white broderie anglaise blouseI simply squared off the armholes and hem, then cut bias strips for both them and the neckline.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Bees (Butterflies?) Broderie Blouse - Butterick 6275

Bees (or Butterflies) Broderie Blouse - Butterick 6275

Some of my blouses are getting a little shabby* and need swapping out over the coming months. Mulling over the fabrics and patterns in the stash, I imediately came up with a couple of suitable combinations for newer versions.

Butterick 6275 was bought new in the 1970's as a teenager (40 years ago - ekk!). I made version A in a blue cotton seersucker way back when. This time, I made version D, plus cut a pair of button-back tabs for the sleeves. Of course, the pattern is too small for me now, so a couple of extra centimetres were added in the sleeves and side seams. I actually made this version 5 years ago in a dark sage green cotton/silk, but the fabric was awful - everything left a stain (water, sweat, food, urgh!), so didn't blog about it then.

Butterick 6275 (circa 1978) and the first version D - sage green cotton/silk
The white cotton broderie anglaise fabric was another Sallies score - $3 for 3 metres. It has bees (or stripey butterflies? not sure what they are suppose to be) embroidered on it, which initially I felt was a little childish, however from a distance they look like spots, so I'm not concerned about them now it's made up.

Love the finished blouse, even though it's a bit see-through, I have plenty of camisoles to wear underneath.

* I cherish my clothes and look after them carefully, so even if they're "a little shabby" (imo), they're still in good nick and will be donated. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Look! I made a ... Muumuu?

batik tunic dress - New Look 6803, view D

One of those occasions where I started out making one thing, but ended up with something completely different.

When I saw the batik fabric in Spotlight, I originally envisioned another one of these - a basic kaftan shirt. However, mid-September was hot and muggy, so I changed my mind. Using the same pattern - New Look 6803 - View D, I cut out a basic tunic-y style dress, shortening the sleeves, shortened the front opening (as suggested the last time I blogged about this pattern), and even managed to squeeze out a couple of pockets. But because I hadn't bought quite enough fabric for the my new bright idea, I needed to add a back yoke to bring the length to the knees. I also turned the front facing to the inside for a cleaner look.

I wore the dress a couple times before October arrived (= cold, wet and windy), and it's heaven! Cool, loose and comfy. The fabric's still a bit stiff, but given a couple more washes and wears, it will be perfect. Roll on summer! 

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Boredom Busting Purple Shirt - Butterick 6811

Boredom Busting Purple Shirt - Butterick 6811

Scratching around in the stash for boredom-busting projects during lockdown, I came across the remnant fabric from this dressAbout 1.5m but ony 90cm wide, I estimated a short sleeved shirt was achievable.

I used Butterick 6811 before as a base for this top. This time I started with view B, removed the front pleat, and cut the sleeves as long as the fabric would allow, intending to do turn-up hems.However, I later decided to add cuffs instead, as a bit more length balanced out the look of the shirt.

Boredom Busting Purple Shirt - Butterick 6811

Actually very happy with the results, apart from the ugly make-do buttons, which have now been replaced, thanks to shops being open again.

Hurray! Think I've got comments working again - would love to hear from you all. How was/is lockdown for you?

Sunday, July 26, 2020

The Nirvana Sweater

If there was one thing I was determined to finish during lockdown, it was this sweater for SunnyJim.

The Nirvana Sweater

It's been knocking around since last year, picked up and abandoned several times in favour of "newer, shiny things". To be honest, I disliked working with the yarn (from Spotlight), even though it's a lovely colour and 100% wool, it was heavy, and not particlarly soft to handle.

I made the pattern up as I went along, and decided on the basket weave front to stop me dying of boredom while knitting. So much knitting!

However, once I handed it over, he loved it immediately and nicknamed it his "Kurt Cobain sweater" (even pulled out his guitar and had a noodle). He puts it on almost every evening shortly after walking in the door, these nights have been so chilly.

Must admit, it's not my best work, but it's DONE.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Colour My Bubble Fuchsia Coat - Simplicity 8467

Got to say, loving working from home - the hours saved by not commuting - more hours for crafting!
I couldn't quite believe my luck when I spied this fabric in the Sallies last year. Pretty sure it's wool/cashmere, about 2.5 metres and the most beautiful vibrant fuchsia colour. Unfortunately, it looked like orange juice had been spilt on it, but at $6 for the piece, I took the chance it would wash out. Mostly it did, just a wee stripe of hard-to-see discolouration remains on the back (about shoulder level - know you're going to look!).
Luckly, I decided on a pattern and found matching thread and buttons just before lockdown. I liked the French darts on Simplicity 8467, but didn't have enough fabric for the front angled overlap, instead making a standard 3cm button overlap. However there was just enough fabric to 'grow' the neckline into a simple stand collar.
Such a simple coat, so snuggly and lovely to wear.