Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New workhorse - navy capri pants

There was a little under a metre of fabric left after making this dress, just enough to make a pair of capri pants.

Using a tried and tested self-made trouser pattern, I shortened it by 30cm, curving the hems at the side seam for a bit of interest. To put them on, the pocket opens out, then buttons close. Easy-peasy.
Necessary, but not exciting sewing.

I didn't explain the pocket closure very well, did I? Will a few more pictures help?
(Apologises for the fluff. Washed with a tissue, grrrh!)
I also found a very old pattern with quite good diagrams instructions.

See, it's really quite simple!


  1. the curved hem is very effective - would like to see the pics of the closing, do you mean there is a button on the waistband? they look great

    1. Sorry, didn't explain the closure very well, did I? I've added some pictures - hope they help!
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.