Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stashbusting 1, 2, 3!

About 20 years ago, I made myself a dress from a length of scarlet red wool crepe in Vogue 2586 (View C). Much loved at the time, the dress was eventually packed away when I - ahem - outgrew it.
Fast-forward to last year, and in a fit of - well, maybe just a fit - I unwisely decided to chuck the bits of now unpicked dress into a dyebath (mistake no1 - never dye something thats been worn repeatedly - even if its clean - as its probably got residue stains not visible, but boy, are they there!) after I had already dye something else (mistake no2 - first article has already absorbed the best part of the dye). Result = lovely tonal version of the orginal colour, but blotchy, blotchy, BLOTCHY! Doh! Into the stash it went.
Anyway... after checking out this (linked to JuliaBobbin's Mad Men Challenge from last year) I had to have that pattern - Vogue 5782. The only one I could find online for sale was two sizes too big - but I know how to grade a pattern and I had to have it.
Pattern duly graded, I pulled the blotchy wool crepe out of the stash to toilé it in, figuring if I made it shorter and cut really carefully I’d be able to avoid the worst of the dark splodges, and maybe end up with a top I could wear.
You may notice there’s a seam across the bust. Because the front is cut on the bias, none of the bits I had were quite long and wide enough to cut it in one piece. As the bit I most needed to check on the toilé was the drape of the neckline, of course it had to stay on true bias, hence the seam. Also, the ties on the pattern are sewn into the side waist seams, but I extended these pattern pieces to make an actual belt.
It was impossible to avoid all the splodges though, so I’m thinking of perhaps tie-dyeing it somehow, although I do love the colour it is now. In the meantime, I’ve worn it a few times at night to dimly lit restaurants and a concert and no one seemed to notice. Really comfortable style, and can’t wait to make it in the ‘real’ fabric.

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