Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Tartan Terror

Tartans are tricky fabrics to deal with, even for the most experienced seamstress.
In order to avoid tears and UFO’s (Unfinished Objects - thanks, Gertie for this new terminology - love it!) I chose a simple pattern - yeap, this one again - last time, promise.
Yet, because I’m a perfectionist, I still managed to create problems for myself - you know, the checks HAD to match - everywhere. Take a look at the sleeve to bodice seam - phraww! This meant hand basting every seam first. But I did make it easier, and added a little interest, by cutting the collar and cuffs on the bias.
However, by the time I’d finally finished the dress, winter was nearly over here in the southern hemisphere, so it’s only been worn a couple of times. Never mind, there’s always next year.
Thank you, Auntie Muriel for the fabric.
Brooch was a special crew gift (find similar here) and you’ve seen the belt before here and here.
The original Tartan Terror.

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