Thursday, January 12, 2017

It's not you, it's me - floral skirt fail

It started life as a 50's inspired frock.
But it wasn't working for me.
"Maybe lose the bodice and make it a skirt", I thought.

But it still it's still not right.
The problem was the dress was something I would have worn a decade ago, (and why I had difficulty finishing it in 2011) but the skirt regressed it even further - back to the clothes I made for myself in high school. 
No, just—no.
Finished, it will be heading to charity soon.


  1. Pretty, but it's good to know when to quit. Someone else will enjoy it. If it's any consolation I recently finished a top I was sewing for a special occasion, and decided that desoite having made a muslin (gasp), it just wasn't going to work. 'Learning experience'. Enjoy your next project!

    1. It's been kicking around in the stash for so long, frankly I'm sick of the sight of it, plus getting rid of it makes room for new lovelies - win!