Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hat, hat and a scarf...

Gosh, where did 3 months go? Time flies...
I've been busy with a new craft - crochet. I spend about a hour on public transport to and from work Monday to Friday, which just feels like such a lot of wasted time. Crochet seemed like a solution to while away the hours without encroaching too much on my fellow commuters'. So at Easter break I set myself up with a couple of balls of wool, a size 4.5mm hook and a bunch of YouTube tutorials.
Crochet is much easier than I thought it would be, and the big bonus is it takes very little time to complete a project, even just spending one hour, five days a week on it. The two Starburst berets each took about a week and a bit, the scarf about three and a half weeks (because I unpicked it and started again with a larger 5.5mm hook. Plus I changed the pattern slightly).
Plus there are two beanies and a pair of fingerless gloves not photographed because they're gifts - shhhh!

All wool was purchased at Holland Road Yarn Company.

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