Sunday, June 23, 2013

The wild week that was

I’m alive!
Worst storm in more than 40 years passed over New Zealand on Thursday night, Wellington bearing the worst of it. Fortunately, we were warned well in advance and no one was killed or injured. Damage though – oh boy! (Take a look at the images on the left under “Storm batters Wellington” link.)
Suffered a little damage ourselves –  a fallen tree in the backyard, thankfully it missed everything vital; part of the fence ended up on the neighbours driveway requiring a cleaning up; and a crack in a window which was sucked open by the force of the wind, not broken, though, so can wait another day or two before I call insurance – let the people who need it most get their claims in first.
Last night there was the most beautiful full moon. I took a shot of it as it was slipping over the hills this morning before I left for work.

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