Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I See Red, I See Red, I See Red!

earthquakes, economy, tenants, family, travel, worst ever ‘flu, delusional from worst ever ‘flu, can’t believe I drove (to pharmacy) delusional with worst ever ‘flu, cat bitten by dog, vets bills, lost buttons (and marbles, some would argue), restructuring, retrenchment, (co-workers) redundancies, new shoes :-), neighbours, boundary issues, broken stove, new stove, high NZ dollar, sales! specials! sun, snow, cold cold cold.

Made these two jackets months ago, but—even though its winter—haven’t worn either of them yet.
Actually, made the red wool jacket about 15 years ago, but I’ve re-cut the collar, replace the huge shoulder pads and shortened it about 10cm. Made the brooch too, because the original buttons left a mark while in storage—oops!

"I See Red" by Split Enz (1978)

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