Monday, June 8, 2015

"Smashing frock!" "Thanks, I made it." - Simplicity 8498

Bead necklace from Farmers
Well, I certainly restocked the stash thanks to the latest Fabric-a-Brac. Two pieces of wool crêpe, metres of quality linen in two colour ways, and metres of black lining with white line-drawn chrysanthemums.
I was so excited to find this piece of purple wool crêpe, I bought it straight away, knowing exactly what it was going to make - another of Tara's patterns, Simplicity 8498 from 1969. There was barely enough fabric to make view 2, so initially I was going to make it sleeveless, but managed to squeeze out (shortened) short sleeves. Also had just enough to add the obligatory pocket...
The first fitting was nearly perfect, only adjustment was to shorten the bust darts so they weren't so pointy. I loved the dress so much it was deemed worthy of a lining, which was found on the sales table at Spotlight - $3 metre for a liteweight lilac-coloured silk! (You can see a bit inside the left sleeve.)
My colleges compliment me whenever I wear this to work. I find empire waists very flattering, and the stitching lines adds interest to what is essentially a very simple frock.
Simplicity 8498 is definitely a keeper.

Discovered this has been reprinted as Simplicity 3833


  1. Wow that's a gorgeous pattern! Works perfectly with the purple crepe. :-)

    1. Isn't it great? Will definitely use it again with one of the pieces of linen scored at FAB, closer to summer - just got to decide which colour!