Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Getting to grips with The Stash

Like every other stitcher on the planet, I have The Stash. I'm pretty successful at limiting it only to nana's wardrobe, but it regularly gets close to saturation point – like now, and there's another Fabric-a-Brac in 2 weeks!
So last weekend I got stuck in and purged. I tell you, I was ruthless. All those "one day..." bits ("one day I might need it for xyz...", "one day, when I have time..." you get the picture) – out they went. Metres and metres of lycra (pretty much every garment I made in the '90s was out of lycra—ahh, to be young and slim again!), a pile of "what-the-heck-was-I-thinking?" and "where-on-earth-did-this-come-from?", and then there was the pattern stash...
All in all, 4 boxes of fabrics and 2 bags of patterns were donated to Fabric-a-Brac, plus another 3 bags of clothes made their way into the Child Cancer bin down the road. There's now so much room in the wardrobe I can fit all my patterns and trims inside as well.

While I was at it, I measured and photographed most of the remaining stash, and made myself a "stash flash card".
I'm so proud of myself, I think I deserve a treat – roll on 2 May!

Update 28/04/15: unexpected bonus – SunnyJim got inspired and had a sort-out in the study Anzac weekend. Can actually see the spare bed now!


  1. Hey there! You left a message on my blog - I don't think you have ever bought fabric from me from fabric-a-brac. I'm not sure I've ever sold fabric there! I usually volunteer in the kitchen, so you may have seen me there :)

    1. The same seller must have been at Fabric-a-Brac again with the last of purple dotty fabric - pretty sure my top is in the same fabric as your purple Laurel dress (Nov '13). Hilarious! Wellington is such a small town!