Sunday, June 9, 2013

A round-to-it

Plaids, checks and stripes that don’t matched at seams bug me big time. I know sometimes its impossible to line them up completely – especially when you are a beginner, but to not even make an attempt is just sloppy and cheap and frankly amateurish. Its so common in store bought clothing (even “designer” clothing is not immune) that sometimes I just despair. Look away, Jux, look away!
When I spied this skirt in Petone’s St Vinnies I had to rescue it. Made by the now defunct Aotearoa House it features a lovely kōwhai embroidery on the front. But - OH - those checks! Fortunately it was a little on the long side so wouldn’t be indecently short once recut.
A few hours in the weekend unpicking, cutting and stitching, plus a good press and shave and I have a new winter skirt.
Plus I heard this old fav on the radio while weaving some magic.
Look Blue, Go Purple - “Cactus Cat”.

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