Monday, July 26, 2010

Winter Love #3

Mt Ruapehu in the evening light.
Took up mid-winter break and headed up to Mt Ruapehu for a few days of skiing. Lucked out and had terrific weather, but skidded on an icy patch on my last day and now have a bruised thumb, which made photography tricky, so my plan to take some landscape shots on the drive back to Wellington went out the window.
So, for a change, you can have a pix of me!

Jux skiing @ Turoa

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  1. How great you're skiing. I have to say that skiing and I do not get along. When I was teaching English in Japan I lived not far from a world class ski field. I told myself I was going to learn. I bought a nice ski suit and spent one time tumbling down the side of a mountain. That put an end to that!